Game won't update

  1. Bug description
    my game won’t update itself,i try to update through the omegaupdater and the game itself and it won’t update
  2. Bug reproduction steps
    enter the game, and it won’t update itself, also the omega updater won’t update it either.
    also if i try to update it, it will be stock.
  3. Expected behavior
    the game should update itself

It already updated itself. You didn’t give us any information about what you tried. I’m pretty sure you opened the game without pressing online and expected it to update.

That’s not how it works. You have to click online for it to check for new updates and then it updates the client. The other option is to run the omegaupdater.

antimetaman i update my bug report, for the information. (also it happen again, last time it was a internet connection problem)

Please download the latest updater and run it. That’s all.