Game is lagging a lot

Hi there,

I started playing a lot last week, since i didn’t play yugioh for about 4 years and I was informing myself on decks and stuff before coming back.

The thing is, last week the game was perfect, but for 3 days now it takes a lot of time to load every time i do something, or even when I don’t do anything and its just the Phase that needs to change. Every action takes like 5 seconds to load, which can lead to a turn being really long for both sides.
I tried reinstalling the game without results. This is happening to my brother as well, in another account.
Is this being looked into?
I enjoy this game a lot, I think the UI and the cards look so clean and I like it a lot, but I haven’t played since this is happening and I just wanted to know if this is my problem or ,if it’s not, inform about it.

Keep up the good work!

Hey @Latrow, welcome to the community.

Have you tried recently to update the game ?

So I tried running the OmegaUpdater, it downloaded something. I then proceeded to click on Online, which after a couple of seconds didn’t work (“Disconnected from server”)
Tried couple of times, restarted pc, same results.
Then I uninstalled the game again, downloaded the file again (OmegaInstaller.exe), and installed it again. I disabled my Antivirus which is Windows defender currently. Ran the installation file as administrator, and when the installation finished I ran the YGO Omega.exe, administrator as well.
Message saying there is an update available popped up, downloaded it, and then I proceeded to test it when everything finished. Now it’s the same as before (it takes a lot of time to load every action). Antivirus is still disabled. I close the game and try running the OmegaUpdater.exe again, as administrator. Same results.
So I’m still where i started.
I have to say tho, my brother’s game is now working fine, which makes me think something is wrong with my account?
What can I do?
Thank you for your time and help.

P.S: I have to say that it doesn’t need to be an online game to be so slow. Everytime I try it is in “Testing hand mode”, in which case is still really slow. I’ve tried online games and with my brother as well, they don’t work either.

It can either be your computer specs or your internet connection depending where in the world you are.

Or could be multiple things. Start by troubleshooting minimum specs

It’s actually impossible that is my computer specs since the pc is new and it’s top gamma.


And about the internet connection… that shouldn’t be the case, i have stable 300Mbps and my brother, who’s in the same house as me, using the same connection, doesn’t have any problems. Also, I’m connected through wire so ups and downs because of Wi-Fi are not the case…

Idk why, but i just resetted my settings (i just turnt down music and after a reinstallation the settings were kepts as before uninstalling it) and now it works fine!

TYVM for your attention, I’m so happy I can enjoy the game again!

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