Game Crashes when trying to join a lobby through the Lobby browser

  1. Bug description
    When i try to join a lobby through the Lobby browser or a Discord invite or try to host a custom game, my game freezes for a few seconds before crashing. Queing for a game normally works just fine.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    1. Open YGO Omega
    2. Select “Online”
    3. Try to host a game
  3. Screenshot OR error code
    I cannot provide an error code due to me not receiving one when the game crashed. A screenshot also wouldn´t be of much use as the last thing i see before the game crashes is just the normal game start screen.

  4. Expected behavior
    Joining the game normally

  5. What OS are you using
    Linux (Manjaro KDE 21.2.2.)

I’m having the same problem on Ubuntu 20.04, followed every single step on Troubleshooting Guide but nothing changed. If someone can help to solve this I would be grateful, really liked playing YGO Omega but now I can’t even join or create a room

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