Game chat message doubled

  1. Bug description
    I joined in an already started match as a spectator, every message was doubled for me, but the other 2 players have seen every message only once. I tried to exit the match and come back in, bug was still there. I restarted Omega, and joined 2 different lobbies, always as spectator, the bug was the same: I see every message doubled, other people do not. Message sound plays for every message (so double message and double sound). Also two days ago I spectated another match, and this bug didn’t happen.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    I joined through search option in an already started match as spectator. Even restarting omega and joining different matches, changed nothing

  3. Screenshot OR error code

Yea, this is due to Discord actually. You can see this bug happen occassionally in Discord itself where your message is sent twice. This is because of Discord. We can’t do anything about it.

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