Game breaking bugs causing crashes

i play with a two monitor setup and frequently when i click off the game to my second monitor the game crashes after which i relaunch the app to find out that the game has become glitched. this has happened in many different ways, sometimes i can see my opponents hand, sometimes cards that were in my hand are no longer there and sometimes there are random facedown cards on the field that cannot be interacted with. does anyone else have these issues? it makes the game almost unplayable and usually makes me not want to come back to the app.

You’re talking about two things.

  1. The game crashes because of using windowed mode. We told you the solution for this is to either use full screen or windows 8 compatibility mode. This is an inherent issue with Unity / Windows and it can only be fixed by Unity in their next update.
  2. The reconnect after you crash. The reconnect will be fixed in the next update so that the cards are not face-down and appear correctly.