'Fusion Tag' doesn't work

  1. Bug description
    [Just like the title said, fusion tag does not change the name of the selected monster.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [I always use fusion tag to summon ‘WVXYZ-Dragon catapult cannon’. I had ‘XYZ-Dragon cannon’’ on the field and changed the name of other monster to VW with fusion tag… But I couldn’t special summon VWXZY.

I thought it was because of the fusion summon specification at the end of the card text. So I tested it with another monster ‘Shining Flare wingman’… And it didn’t work either even though it was a proper special summon with polymerization.]

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    [`I was supposed to be able to change a monster name to one from the extra deck to be used as a fusion material. But it doesn’t work]

  3. What OS are you using

The TCG and OCG version of Fusion Tag are different. Which version did you use and do you have a replay?

I use the TCG one. But now it can´t even activate it.

The TCG version has been deleted. Please use the OCG version instead.

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