Full Force Virus is bugged to be unplayable

When I activate Full Force Virus and bring it back with Malice, Lady of Lament to activate it again on the next turn, it makes an endless loop.

First I activate Full Force Virus and use Malice, Lady of Lament around any time while Full Force Virus is active in it’s 3 turn duration, then on the next turn I can activate Full Force Virus again while the first one is still active, at End Phase it makes a mandatory endless loop

When I click on one of the Full Force Virus, it creates the little activation tabs, the more I click the more it makes, if I click something else besides Full Force Virus it disappears, but I have to click Full Force Virus cause it’s a mandatory effect

I’m doing this under Android if it helps

Dude, that’s Nexus. Bugs happening there is par for the course when you’re using it. Nothing to do with YGO Omega

And even then, that’s not a bug, that’s just their way of helping you keep track of the effects applying for how many turns. Not that it’s any helpful when it doesn’t specify which copy nor how many turns it has been applying for

Sorry, in the Nexus discord there’s a “help bug” channel and I thought this is were to report it. And I know it is a way to keep track of each effect, but it does it endlessly and never stops/never activate any effects, do you know where exactly I can report this