Formud Skipper and Appliancers not working Correctly

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    When Formud Skipper copies the name of an Appliancer Link Monster, main deck Appliancer Monsters do not treat Formud Skipper as an Appliancer and can not summon themselves.

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Summon Formud Skipper and copy Appliancer Link Monsters name while Socketroll or Copybokkle are in hand. Neither Socketroll or Copybokkle can summon themselves with their own effects while Formud Skipper is treated as an Appliancer Monster
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  1. Expected behavior
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    Socketroll should be able to summon itself when an Appliancer Monster is on the field, Formud Skipper name changes to an Appliancer and meets Socketrolls requirments. Copybokkle should be able to target Formud Skipper after the name change to summon its self and copy Formud Skippers new name.

Never mind, I realized that Formud Skipper only changes name when used as a link summon