Floowandereeze inquires

Hello everyone!

So I’m trying to find some advice on Floowandereeze decks or variations of said deck. I’m really interested in them due to the art and my love for birds. The deck really takes me back to playing Monarchs and a bit of Prank Kids in a sense. I got tired of playing Prank Kids even though I think that deck is really strong! Any great deck profiles and adjusting is fine.

My main question is why run barrier statue is one of my questions. If any other questions arise I’m sure i’ll ask in the thread




I’ve been playing the deck for the past format or two.

Barrier statue is in the deck as it is a really good search off of the Robina if you have access to eglen, through something like the field spell. It also let’s you have a good 4th summon that will prevent your opponent from being able to Activate Nibiru.

So essentially the game plan is to end on Barrier statue and empen. This forces your opponent to normal summon and attempt to battle the barrier statue in order to get their plays started. In most cases however, you will have the dreaming town trap card searched by the empen previously mentioned on board. This let’s you normal summon when your opponent attempts to leave the main phase, go through the Robina - > Eglen combo, searching out Raiza the mega monarch, and then summon said Raiza. Raiza then activates sending the normal summon to the top of the deck, and some benefitial spell card or hand trap in your graveyard to the top of your deck, and finally getting chain blocked by a Robina.

This can effectively end their turn in many cases.

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I’ve seen other builds where they play the Harpie Harpist to search and summon off of the robina, creating a simpler and more repeatable combo. So in the same scenario as before, if you have the map, when they normal, you use map to Normal your robina, search Harpist, then normal said Harpist and bounce Harpist and their normal. This leaves your Dreaming town able to normal the Harpist again, and do the same bounce if they manage to negate the barrier statue.

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Thanks for the wonderful tips it means a lot! now I have a much better idea on how to play the deck and how important barrier statue is