Flight Control Skill Card Bug

  1. Bug description

The skill wasn’t just not working as it supposed to be, but it simply doesn’t work. After returning 1 T.G. monster to the deck, there wasn’t any “deck selection” dialogue, not when the prompt has appeared on screen, even when I clicked the deck directly. The weird thing about that step was I was prompted to select a T.G. monster from my hand, even though it says I should choose a T.G. monster from my deck. When I selected the particular card from my hand, it does nothing, one card already returned to the deck and I got nothing in return.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Make a deck with this recipe:
2 T.G. Rush Rhino
1 T.G. Screw Serpent
2 T.G. Warwolf
2 T.G. Striker
3 T.G. Booster Raptor
2 T.G. Cyber Magician
1 T.G. Drill Fish
1 Forbidden Lance
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 World Legacy Clash
1 Flight Control (Skill Card)
1 T.G. Halberd Cannon
1 T.G. Blade Blaster
1 Vermillion Dragon Mech
1 T.G. Power Gladiator
2 T.G. Star Guardian
1 T.G. Recipro Dragonfly

Start a custom game with this parameter:
Card Pool: All
Banlist: DL 9/3/21
Duel Mode: Single
Master Rule: 5
Duel Rule: Speed Duel
LP: 4000
Timer: 180
Draw Count: 1
Starting Hand: 4

Select the T.G. deck, add a random bot (which is the only FurHire bot), start the match (either go first or second, doesn’t matter).

On your turn, when you have a T.G. monster on your hand, activate the skill. Return 1 T.G. monster, and when the prompt to “Select a card to add to your hand” appear, the bug will appear (or should I say, the deck selection dialogue won’t appear), and you can only select another T.G. monster from your hand.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

Selecting 1 T.G. monster to return to the deck.

The problem. I should already faced with a deck selection dialogue, but it doesn’t appear, and I can only select 1 T.G. monster from my hand. After I select it, it does nothing, and the card I returned to the deck will still be returned to the deck.

The deck, with the skill card in it.

  1. Expected behavior

After I return 1 T.G. monster from my hand, the deck selection dialogue should appear, and I should be able to select 1 T.G. monster from my deck to be added to my hand.

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