Flame Swordsdance's second effect doesn't activate

  1. Bug description
    Exactly the same as this guy’s: https://forum.duelistsunite.org/t/flame-swordsdance-not-working/20021
    He didn’t get an answer and the bug is still in the game. I tried both offline and online.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Play the card. The replay in the jalax6’s post showcases it adequately,I think.

  3. Expected behavior
    As in jalax6’s post, the card should allow the user to tribute the face-down Fightning Flame Dragon to special summon an Ultimate Flame Swordsman from the ED.

  4. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

Not a bug, swordsdance second effect needs to tribute a face-down monster on your field since it doesn’t specify that it can tribute from either field