F.A. level increase isn't triggering properly when multiple F.A. Spell/Trap cards or effects are chained

  1. Bug description

When activating multiple F.A. Spell/Trap cards or effects in the same chain, each F.A. monster with a level increase effect (i.e. Hang On Mach) gives multiple prompts to increase its level on a new chain. However, after confirming either of them, the chain ends without the option to trigger the other level increase.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Normal Summon Hang On Mach. Activate an F.A. Field Spell and chain an F.A. Quick Play Spell (i.e. Downforce targeting Mach). You’ll then be prompted with two “Increase this card’s Level by 1” effects but will only be able to use one.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

F.A. Bug

  1. Expected behavior

After selecting either level increase effect, you should be able to select the other one as Chain Link 2. This interaction has also been confirmed in Master Duel.

  1. What OS are you using

Windows 11

The fix should be live in about 1 hour.

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