Embrace of the Tistina has the effect of Discordance of the Tisitina

Bug Descripiton

Embrace of the Tistina has the effects of Discordance of the Tistina. When activated as a continuous, it lets you banihs one card in your opponents graveyard, which is supposed to be the effect of discordance. It seems that the reverse is likely the same with Discordance having Embrace’s effect, since it does nothing on activation as a normal trap.

Bug Reproduction Steps: Get a tistina monster face up on your side of the field, then set Embrace of the Tistina. Wait until opponent has a card in GY, then activate Embrace of the Tistina.

Expected behavior: Embrace of the Tistina should not banish card(s) upon activation.

What OS are you using: I was using Windows 10