Email Rulings from Konami OCG Office

Here is a list of email rulings that we have personally sent to the OCG office. Since these won’t be found in the database or the wiki, I will put them here for reference to anyone who needs it.



Q: Player 1 controls a face-up Metalfoes Orichalc. Player 2 controls a face-down The Illusory Gentleman in Defense Position and a face-up Big Bang Shot equipped to Player 1’s Metalfoes Orichalc. Player 1 attacks the Illusory Gentleman with Metalfoes Orichalc. Which Player(s) receives Battle Damage and how much?

A: Player 1 receives 1600 damage and Player 2 receives 3200 damage. (2020-11-02)

Q: プレイヤー1は[心眼の祭殿]と表側攻撃表示の[アマゾネスの剣士]をコントロールしており,


A: 「ルイーズ」と「脆刃の剣」のコントローラーが1000のダメージを2回受けます。(2020-10-24)

Q: Player 1 controls a face-up Temple of the Mind’s Eye (92481084) and an Amazoness Swords Woman (ATK 1500) in face-up Attack Position. Player 2 controls a face-up Beaver Warrior (ATK 1200) equipped with Double-Edged Sword (41927278). Player 2 attacks Amazoness Swords Woman with Beaver Warrior. Which Player receives battle damage and how much?

A: Player 2 should receive 2000 (2 x 1000) battle damage. (2020-10-24)

Q: [センサー万別]が存在する状況でデュアルモンスターをもう1度召喚出来ますか?.

A: ご質問の場合でも、デュアルモンスターをもう1度通常召喚することができます。(2020-10-24)

Q: Player 1 has previously Normal Summoned Elemental Hero Neos Alius. Player 2 controls a face-up Beaver Warrior and a face-up There Can Only Be One. Can Player 1 Gemini Summon their Elemental Hero Neos Alius?

A: Player 1 can Gemini Summon. (2020-10-24)

Q: プレイヤー1は表側攻撃表示の[ブラック・マジシャン]と裏側守備表示の[ブラック・マジシャン]をコントロールしており,プレイヤー2は表側表示の[センサー万別]をコントロールしています.

A: ご質問の場合、プレイヤーは「太陽の書」によって表側攻撃表示になった「ブラック・マジシャン」を、墓地へ送らなければなりません。(2020-10-25)

Q: Player A controls a face-up Dark Magician and a face-down Dark Magician while a face-up There Can Be Only One (24207889) is on the field. Player A activates Book of Taiyou on the face-down Dark Magician. Can Player A choose which monster to keep?

A: Player A must send The Dark Magician that was flipped face-up by Book of Taiyou to the Graveyard. (2020-10-25)


A: ダメージステップ終了時に「巨大ネズミ」は破壊されて墓地へ送られ、「巨大ネズミ」の効果でモンスターを特殊召喚できます。


Q: Player A has Ash Blossom (14558127) in hand and controls Mefist the Infernal General (46820049). Player A attacks Player B’s Giant Rat (97017120) with Mefist. During the Damage Step, Mefist causes the opponent to discard their Neko Mane King (11021521). Can Player A use Ash Blossom in response to Giant Rat’s effect to Special Summon a monster from the Deck?

A: At the end of the Damage Step, “Giant Rat” is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Then, you can Special Summon a monster with the effect of the “Giant Rat”. “Giant Rat” is activated during the Damage Step, so “Ash Blossom” cannot be chained. (2020-10-25)

Q: プレイヤー1は[グレイヴ・キーパー]と表側攻撃表示の[アマゾネス訓練生]をコントロールしており,プレイヤー2は[ルイーズ]をコントロールしています.

A: このたびの件、誠に恐れ入りますが、ご質問の状況がデュエル中に発生した際には、対戦相手の方と話し合って進めていただいたり、大会中であれば審判の判断で進めていただけましたら幸いでございます。(2020-10-29)

Q: Player 1 controls a face-up Grave Protector and a face-up Amazoness Trainee in Attack Position. Player 2 controls a face-up Beaver Warrior. Player 1 attacks Beaver Warrior with Amazoness Trainee and destroys it by battle. Is Beaver Warrior shuffled into the Deck or is it returned to the bottom of the Deck?

A: We apologize for the inconvenience, but if this situation arises during the duel, please discuss it with your opponent and proceed at the discretion of the Judge that is available at the event. (2020-10-29)

Q: プレイヤー1は表側攻撃表示の[アマゾネスの剣士]をコントロールしており,プレイヤー2は[脆刃の剣]とそれを装備している[ルイーズ]と[Emトラピーズ・マジシャン]をコントロールしています.

A: ご質問の場合、どちらのプレイヤーもダメージを受けません。(2020-10-29)

Q: Player 1 controls a face-up Amazoness Swords Woman. Player 2 controls a face-up Beaver Warrior equipped Double-Edged Sword and a face-up Trapeze Magician. Player 2 attacks Amazoness Swords Woman with Beaver Warrior. How much battle damage should Player 2 receive?

A: Player 2 receives no damage. (2020-10-29)



Q: Player A controls Amazoness Swords Woman equipped with Double-Edged Sword 3500 ATK and attacks a monster with 1000 ATK and Player B activates Dimension Wall. What happens?

A: Each Player will take 2500 damage. (2020-11-01)



Q: Player 1 Fusion Summons “Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman” using “Dragoncaller Magician” as Fusion material. Player 2 controls a face-up “Baby Dragon” in Attack Position. Player 1 attacks “Baby Dragon” with “Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman”. What should the ATK of Buster Blader be during the Damage Step?

A: In the above case, a Dragon-Type monster exists on the opponent’s side of the field (“Baby Dragon”), so the ATK of “Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman” will gain 1000 ATK.

However, during the damage step, the effect “Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman” is applied and its ATK becomes double its original ATK. Buster Blader’s ATK during the Damage Step will be 5600, and your opponent will take 4900 combat damage (5600 ATK - 700 DEF). (2020-11-03)

① フィールドの状況について
② 質問内容
プレイヤー1が自身のコントロールしている「アマゾネスの剣士」(ATK:1500) で
プレイヤー2のコントロールしている【「諸刃の剣」を装備した「深淵に咲く花」】(ATK:2750) を攻撃しました。


Q: Player 1 controls a face-up “Amazoness Swords Woman” in Attack Position. Player 2 controls a face-up “Abyss Flower” in Attack Position equipped by Double-Edged Sword. Player 1 attacks “Abyss Flower” (ATK 2750) with “Amazoness Swords Woman” (ATK 1500). Player 2 activates “Bye Bye Damage” during damage calculation. How much damage will Player 1 receive?

A: The controller of Amazoness Swords Woman will receive 2500 damage twice.

① フィールドの状況について
プレイヤー2が自身のコントロールしている【「諸刃の剣」と「青眼の白龍」を装備した「サクリファイス」】(ATK:3000) で



Q: Player 1 controls a face-up “Amazoness Swords Woman” in Attack Position. Player 2 controls a face-up “Relinquished” in Attack Position equipped by Double-Edged Sword and Player 1’s “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”. Player 2 attacks “Amazoness Swords Woman” (ATK 1500) with “Relinquished” (ATK 3000). How much damage will each Player receive?

A: Each Player will take 3500 damage twice.