Eldlich Synchro TCG 2021, All Meta in 1 Deck

Eldlich Synchro TCG 2021, All Meta in 1 Deck https://duelistsunite.b-cdn.net/original/2X/f/f1f81654f6657363b04943a92f0bbf35a4115df9.jpeg
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Eldlich Synchro to the full potential. Combo is just Halq + 1 extender, watch the video. If no extender (only Halq), we couldnt extend to the Drytron if we’re aiming for VFD. Summon Quandax instead of Arc Light, use Auroradon tribute 2 tokens, ss Coltwing+2tokens+001, make Shooting Riser dump lv1 to GY making Shooting Riser lv6, make Shenshen using Shooting Riser+token, make Trishula fusion using Auroradon+token+Coltwing, make VFD.

If you’re new to Eldlich playstyle, the goal is to have Scarlet/Eldlich + Huaqero/Conq on field. Cursed Eldland is the best for that since it searches Eldlich (extender for this specific version of deck) or Golden Land (Huaqero/Conq), it has GY eff to send Eldlich/Golden Land, super good because Golden Land GY eff can set Eldlixir (Scarlet) from deck.

Pros: Just regular Eldlich Synchro, but ultra powerful because Natasha+Shenshen follow-up.

Cons: Eldlich Synchro is not too good right now because fragile to handtrap and more bricks.

Very interesting. Eldlich is an engine being utilized in many decks. This is the first one for synchro I’ve seen.

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