Eldlich 60 cards By TheArrivalAlex

Hello, guys! This is the Eldlich decklist that I’m playing in the ranked mode of YGO Omega.
Eldlich is a really strong control deck, that can play many strong card like Skill Drain, Imperial Order and Gozen match and others.
I chose to play it with 60 cards, beacuse with this build the deck can not play handtraps, replacing them with other trap cards, making easier to use Eldlich’s first effect and making more versatile the entire deck. Playing a huge amount of normal traps, Trap Trick is really powerful, it can set scarlet sanguigne or the trap that can be more useful depending on the situation.
In the extra deck i play Constellar Pleaides, that can be summoned using two trap monster, the train package, useful to OTK, Cyber dragon Nova and Mechaba for the matchup against Dogmatika, Imduk, that can be useful to send a trap monster to the GY and many Punishment targets.
In the side deck you can play many handtraps like Droll, Ally of Justice Cycle Reader or Ghost belle but I decided to play Nibiru as unique handtrap, dark ruler no more that can be useful against some rogue combo deck, twin twister, Karma cut that can be very useful in mirror matchs or against other decks that are based on a boss monster or a monster played in many copies. The last card is Solemn Strike that can be replaced without any issues.
With this large amount of different traps the deck can scare a lot of decks, both meta and rogue/4fun. The deck is quite weak against full backrow removal like Harpie’s feather duster and against effects that banish cards from the field/GY but it isn’t really weak against handtraps except Ghost Belle
I hope that you enjoyed the decklist, see you soon!