Effect not activating with right condition

  1. Bug description
    When using risehaert effect, sometimes Shangri-Ira doesn’t trigger to lock a zone

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Special summon Kashtira Unicorn, use his effect to add Kashtirateosis. Use teosis to special Fenrir, use Fenrir effect to add risehaert. XYZ summon into Shangri-Ira in def position. Activate effect of risehaert from heand to special summon it. Use the effect of risehaert to banish big bang from deck. From there nothin happened. Neither Shangri-Ira or Big Bang triggered, and the chaining wasn’t off, if was on AUTO

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    Should have triggered Shangri-Ira to lock a zone and Big Bang to special summon a monster from Shangri-Ira materials

  5. What OS are you using

I can do it just fine.

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Thank you for making a bug report!

It is helpful if you include a replay code so that we can see the exact steps that you took.

Assuming that the riseheart wasn’t negated, and that you banished cards from your opponent’s deck face down, you would be able to activate the cards as shown by Dragon’s Soul.