Duel Log : Infinite Impermance Not listed as Cause of Negation

  1. Bug description
    [Infinite Impermanence is not labelled as the cause of negation for its target, or cards placed in its column after its "set" resolution.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Activate a monster effect, chain a Set Impermanence targeting Card, allow chain to resolve. In a new chain, activate spell card in the zone Infinite Impermanence was Previously set in.]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [Log should list : "Monster Effect" was negated by "Infinite Impermanence" or "Spell / Trap Effect" was Negated by Infinite Impermanence.]

Hey thanks for the feedback. Basically, we designed the log so that the most detailed information like zones and other stuff will be shown in manual mode. The log that you see here in automatic mode will be very basic.

Remember that in real life, you are not even allowed to write down anything except LP changes and mandatory effect reminders. You aren’t allowed to go back and check stuff. However, we can’t stop people from writing down things at the comfort of their own home. It will still consume time though. In Duel Links, there’s also a log but even they don’t specify everything. Memory and paying attention is part of the game. If you missed something, there is no obligation for the opponent to answer and tell you either.

So I do believe that you should see the log in manual mode. If the log in manual mode is lacking detail, we can improve it since in those cases, you do need to log every action so when a judge comes they can judge the game state from the log.

Fair point!

Wanted to bring this up in case this was an error in code or if this could possibly be connected to something. I am fine accepting that this is a design choice.

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