Duel Links skills currently not implemented/incorrectly implemented

Not really a bug that just happened to me during a duel so it’s hard to use the preferred layout for this.

I’ve been checking through the skill database of Omega to see whether there are other skills like Destiny Draw and Mythic Depths incorrectly implemented because they use the Speed Duel variant rather than the Duel Links variant. Unless I’ve missed any, this should be the list of skills that only has their Speed Duel variant implemented, while their Duel Links counterpart works differently.

Aroma Strategy (very little difference other than exact card text, I doubt the Speed Duel variant works differently from the Duel Links one)
Destiny Draw
Dinosaur Kingdom
Flight of the Harpies
Gravekeeper’s Lot
It’s a Toon World
Last Gamble
Mind Scan
Mythic Depths (spelled as Mystic Depths in Speed Duels)
Peak Performance
Power of Dark
Straight to the Grave

Additionally, the following skills have not been implemented.

LP Boost Alpha
LP Boost Beta
LP Boost Gamma
LP Boost Delta
LP Boost Omega