Duel links skill bugs

  1. Bug description
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    Duel links bugs found during testing. Skills being able to be placed in the s/t zones, skills forcing you to place it in the s/t zone, Skills being destruct/banish/bounceable when in the s/t zone, An internal error when a skill got banished, 1 less card in starting hand.
    The skill, ‘Bring it’ was only able to be placed in the spell/trap zone, it could also be interacted with by s/t removal while there.
    The skill, ‘Spell Specialist’ was able to be placed in the spell/trap zone although not forced. It could also be interacted with and when banished gave an error. There was also an instance where it was placed in the s/t zone and it didn’t give me the extra card, leading me to start with 3 cards in hand.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Go into a duel with the skills, ‘Bring it’ or ‘Spell specialist’ and try to destroy it
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  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
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    The skills (probably) should have only been usable in the blocked off zones, and I shouldn’t have had a 3 card hand. Also shouldn’t have been able to use spell/trap removal on skills.