"Duel Links" enviroment is MR5 not MR3 and the "extra monster area" in Omega DL mode should be banned

  1. Bug description
    Official “Duel Links” enviroment is MR5.
    However, there is “extra monster area” in Omega DL mode.
    I think there should be a “X” mark on the area just like the 4th and 5th mons or spell area.
    And the DL ranked game seems to be MR3. (It is MR3 space. I am no misunderstanding. right?)
    This should be also fixed.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

bug 1 : play MR5 in DL mode (speed duel mode). >> extra mons area should be a “X” mark.
bug 2 : play DL ranked game. >> it is MR3 space. >> should be MR5 space.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior
    “Duel Links” ranked game should be MR5 not MR3
    and the “extra monster area” in Omega mode should be banned…