Duel links duel bug

  1. Bug description
    I was in a DL ranked game, side decking for game 2, I chose to go second, and then I got an “internal error” message (I didn’t have time to take a screenshot, I apologize for that).
    After that, the game started and my opponent and I could place cards everywhere on the mat (and not just the 3 center rows).
    Moreover, I drew the skill card and it remained in my main - my opponent didn’t have a skill card either (see screenshot).
    My opponent surrendered, leading to game 3, and everything was perfectly fine.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Start a DL ranked game with a skill
  • Lose the duel
  • Go to game 2
  • Choose second
  1. Screenshot OR error code
  1. Expected behavior

We should have only been able to put cards on the 3 center rows, and the skills should have been placed and applied properly.