Dragonmaid Battle Phase Bug

  1. Bug description
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    At the start of the Battle Phase, when the Dragon Maids activate their effects to return themselves to the hand, the should be allowed to summon a dragon from the hand or GY, but the only option that comes up is from your hand and not from your GY.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Discard Dragonmaid Ernus and summon Chamber Dragonmaid from your hand. At the start of the Battle Phase, when you activate Chambers effect, she will only allow you to summon a monster from your hand and not your GY. Furthermore, if you have no Dragonmaids in your hand, their effects will never give you the option to activate them, even if you have the appropriate targets in the GY.
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4. Expected behavior
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The Dragonmaids should have given the option to summon a monster form the hand or GY, but only the hand is considered.