Draglubion and Memories of Hope were not working for me

  1. Bug description
    [Draglubion Effect would not give the option to activate. Memories of Hope would not be playable after resolving Numeron Calling]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Summon Draglubion. Activate Numeron Calling with Memories of Hope in hand.]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [Tell us what should have happened when the bug occurred.]

I am lost. If you activated Numeron Calling normally, then its effect is what’s preventing you from activating No.97:

If “Numeron Network” is in your Field Zone and you control no monsters: Special Summon up to 4 “Numeron Gate” Xyz Monsters with different names from your Extra Deck, but banish them during the End Phase, also you can only Normal or Special Summon once for the rest of this turn.

No.97 requires the user to Special Summon as part of its effect:

2 Level 8 monsters
Your opponent cannot target this card with card effects. You can detach 1 material from this card; take 2 Dragon “Number” monsters with different names from your Extra Deck and/or GY, except “Number 97: Draglubion”, Special Summon 1 of them and attach the other to it as material, also for the rest of this turn you cannot Special Summon other monsters, or declare an attack, except with that Special Summoned monster. You can only use this effect of “Number 97: Draglubion” once per turn.

However, Numeron Calling does not activate if its user controls any monsters, yet they need to Summon more than once to Xyz Summon No.97, at least normally. This is a contradiction; then again, No.97 could have been Special Summoned directly from the Extra Deck-- or elsewhere after its proper Summon-- with a material. Either way, however you Special Summoned No.97 is the last Normal/Special Summon for that turn because of Numeron Calling's restriction.

As for Memories of Hope, I will need a replay and/or some other evidence of reproducibility, since there are many factors which can prevent its activation: Lack of “Number” monster names, inability to Draw, Deck Size, inability to activate cards/effects, and perhaps more.

You can test it again.

I had an update and even manually updated afterwards. Still can’t activate Memories of Hope. I didn’t try Draglubion.

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Test it now and it will work.

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yep, its fixed. Thanks!

Thank you <3

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