Download problems

Hi. I have just downloaded the game and when the game boots up I’m stuck at 0% 1/55. I have given the game time as I didn’t know if it was just being slow, but it hasn’t moved a muscle.

Wondered if I’m doing anything wrong?


I am having this same problem, an explanation would be helpful

glad im not the only one! thought id done something wrong :laughing:

Hopefully we hear from them soon. Dying to play this game!


as am I.

Per the message on Discord, this is a problem with the download server.

Once the server gets relieved, or they get the main server back up again, this problem will remedy itself.

Until then, standby

Thanks i did not know this! I’ll just have to be patient :slight_smile:

should’ve anticipated this with how much excitement is surrounding it

Burst traffic is always hard to anticipate. You can try to estimate it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be accurate.

Also, this is a program that is run on donations and good will. They can’t exactly throw tons of money at it.

(I am not affiliated with the Devs outside of being one of the closed beta testers.)