1. Bug description
    [None of the Doremichord cards work regardless of it being out of beta. I have not been able to use a single spell/ trap card in the whole game I played, not because I didn't have spells or couldn't activate them due to an effect my opponent activated, but simply because the icon to activate the card wasn't and didn't show up. Even for the regular spell cards. Please look at this. I know you guys are busy and honestly are doing a good job with omega it's just I want to be able to use these cards and I thought they would be fun to play, but instead I feel like I am playing with normal monsters with no spells, while having spells in my hand.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Try to activate a card and it wont. Try to play a trap card effect. (They have to be doremichord cards though)]


    your replay code

  3. There is no error code it literally just doesn’t have function.

  4. Expected behavior
    [What should have happened is me being able to play a spell card and trap card effect.]

Try again

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