Discord Rules

  1. No bullying, harassment, or insulting people. We take these things seriously even if you meant it as a joke. Dyno the Bot, is programmed to automatically deleted such words. Evading this filter by typing something slightly differently is also not okay.

  2. Teasing, trolling, flirting, or being annoying in general is subjective. However, flaming, disrespecting another user, especially after asked to stop is not allowed. This includes purposeful bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. If a person has communicated that they don’t like it, then please stop. At the same time, we encourage players to learn to block those that they don’t get along with.

  3. No posting porn or anything NSFW.

  4. No offensive or NSFW avatars.

  5. All videos are posted in Channel :movie_camera:replays_videos

  6. No self-advertising or links anywhere except the Channel bot_spam_memes

  7. No spamming (no more than 4 consecutive emojis).

  8. Please converse in English in the general chat. Speak coherently. Don’t try to dodge the bot. (■■■■, hell, damn allowed).

  9. Treat people equally regardless of race, sex, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

  10. Do not make fun of those with medical conditions or disabilities.

  11. Don’t be condescending. If you have more knowledge of a subject than another, then prove your points using logic, not insults. Feel free to disagree and voice your opinions, but do so respectfully.

  12. Don’t be rude to moderators. You have the right to defend yourself but be polite and stay respectful. It will help your case. If a mod has told you to stop, then stop.

  13. Don’t mention 2+ people / groups at once.

  14. Don’t beg for money or products or send dms to endorse or advertise.This server is not your house to beg for things. You can use the Channel :heavy_dollar_sign:marketplace to sell products only.

  15. Do not post screenshots or private conversations. Keep things private. Solve your own personal problems outside of the server.

Read also the pinned channel guidelines in each channel.

If these rules are violated, you will receive a warning by staff. Penalties can include a temporary mute to a permanent ban. You can appeal bans at Ban Appeals & Reports - Duelists Unite