Discord Banned Appeal

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    I said they should ban Ryder and this whole thing would be over, first I got a 1 week timeout and then I was banned after I woke up this morning. I went on to another account and tried to look up my exact messages, but they were deleted (along with thousands of other messages) I was a donator as well, not that should give me any special privileges, but I’d like that to be reinstated when I rejoin as well.

  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    I admit to voicing my opinion exactly once in a non-threatening or harmful way.

  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    Because I feel like I was banned because of an emotional reaction, I was never a troublemaker or troll, I simply want to play omega with my shiny cards. Thank you for your time.

It’s fine. A lot of people were emotional that day. There was a lot of collateral damage on both sides. I will unban you but just please be mindful of what you say and do online. There’s real human beings who volunteer their time to help and maintain this free game.

What was your discord id?

Discord ID is .chairman

It’s the one I made this thread with.