Discord Ban Appeal

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.

Calling out the Administrators for not actioning slurs in game chat

  1. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?

I admit pointing out the flaws in the moderation.

  1. Why do you think you should get another chance?

Because the moderators shouldn’t ban me for stating my opinion in regards to their bad moderation practises

The ban was for misinformation. The actions of one or a few mods does not represent the entire team. By saying that the entire team that develop this game for free are racists - is an incorrect statement and is defamation by nature.

The admins have been doing something about profanity, slurs, death threats, and other kinds of hate speech since the beginning. You contributed to the snowball of misinformation that led to innocent people in the crossfire being blamed for things that they didn’t do. There’s real people behind those screens that volunteer their time to maintain a game for free. Some of those people will never get their enthusiasm back. Nobody wished to harm anyone. They just wanted to enjoy the game.

Before any fingers are pointed, we must gather information otherwise it is Salem Witch Trials (guilty until proven innocent).

Why don’t you Post the exact message i posted? It was not misinformation when it was stated you did not action the slur said by the offending user.

All of this could have been avoided if you had simply demoted Ryder from the beginning and took accountability for the mistake that was made

Considering i got perma-banned and not timed out with no logs,when one of your moderators on twitter stated no bans were being handed out, only timeouts makes it seem like YOUR moderation team are guilty of misinformation.

Un-Ban those that rightfully called you out, take accountability for the mistake YOU and your moderation team made and apologize to the user that Ryder essentially told ‘Turn off chat’.

At the day of the Jan 18 drama, I told all mods to only give 1 day timeouts, not bans. However, mods started being harassed and attacked to a degree where they started to ban. The issue was greater than Ryder. Other mods that were innocent were being attacked and put in the same pool as Ryder even though they didn’t do anything.

Each person is responsible for their own mistakes. I am not responsible for Ryder’s actions just like other mods are not responsible. We banned Ryder not because he told that user that chat was not moderated. The ban on Ryder was due to the preponderance of evidence of anti-lgbt and racism.

The mods were just telling you the policy. They cannot ban anyone from a screenshot. They need the discord id of the user to ban. That is why you can block people from discord or in-game to block them from ever chatting with you. You can also right click on opponent’s LP bar to get the discord id.

People are not being banned for criticizing us or “calling us out”. Please call us out as much as you want. However, people ARE being banned for spreading misinformation and dogpiling on mods.

We did do something about it as well.

It seems that you were not banned by me when this happened and your message has been purged. Due to lack of evidence, you will be unbanned, but please be mindful of the team and do not blame the actions of one moderator to the entire team again.