Discord Ban appeal - loomic

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    I made a 1984 joke after people’s messages were getting deleted.
  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    I guess I stoked the fire a little bit and understand that peace needed to be kept
  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    I don’t think what I did was that egregious still.

You made a joke at a time when things were sensitive and contributed to the stoking of the fire. It’s not a small thing. There were several people caught in the crossfire, innocent people got harassed. It’s not a funny matter.

Yeah, you’re right.

So what should I do now

We can unban you but please be mindful that what you say or do can have an impact. The staff are volunteers that work hard to maintain this game. There was one bad mod but that one got banned. The rest are innocent.