Dinovader Docus effect not working even in online rooms

  1. Bug description
    Dinovader’s special summon effect works but is tribute effect doesn’t. I am in online lobbies

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Special summon Dinowrestler Coelasilat from hand. Normal summon Souleating Oviraptor>search Dinovader. Special summon Dinovader with his effect. Not allowed to activate Dnovader’s effect to tribute Oviraptor to summon a level 6 or level 2 from deck. There were are plenty of level 6 and 2 cards in my deck to fit the critirea. [Replay]

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    I should have been able to tribute Souleating Oviraptor with Dinovader’s effect to special summon a monster, that is two levels higher or lower than Oviraptor, from my deck.

  5. What OS are you using
    Windows 11 Home


I have confirmed that this is not working as intended. I have added it to the list of currently known bugs and you may monitor it there.

Thank you for helping to make Omega be the best it can be!

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