Did some UI Changes (Less colorful)

I really love YGO Omega so thank u for doing such an amazing job guys. But in my opinion its way too flashy and the design route u took is probably good for most people but not for me. That is totally fine, everyone has a different taste but in card game simulators, I prefer a minimalistic UI to not being disrupted from the important things. MST.TV displayed a Design a few Months ago and I really preferred that one to the Cyber/Space/Duel Links kind of UI.

I hoped u implement it in the Settings to switch between them but I read in the FAQ that u wont? :frowning: A3: “Other areas of the game such as windows and frames of the menu, deck editor, etc. cannot be changed.”

So I decided to do some Changes of my own :stuck_out_tongue:
My Photoshop Skills are not “professional” and I think the Customization Folder I downloaded isn’t 100% complete and updated because some Changes I did do not apply but it’s not an total disaster I guess.

This is what I came up with to minimize it a little bit:

If someone is interested in the Files PM me, but I really hope u guys implement UI Themes in the Settings in the near future :smiley: That would be awesome!

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I’m not seeing any major changes apart from a green background in every screen. You should try to play with it more. You can do much more than just change a background. Change LP bars, the popup dialogue boxes, the buttons and the field zones.

My GFX skills are very little and I havent done something like this for 10 years or so :laughing:
So this wasnt a try to make a own UI Theme, i cant do that :sweat_smile:
I just reduced the colors and shiny buttens a little bit for myself to concentrate better on the actual gameplay and thought maybe someone might be interested in the files as well.
But i take ur advice and keep playing with it around, maybe i figure out how to make my own buttons etc xd

Here is a Link to the Files, i will keep it updated as i make progress: