Destroying Dark Magical Circle stops it from resolving

  1. Bug description

Destruction of Dark Magical Circle by chaining it’s banishing effect stopped it from resolving.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Face-up Dark Magical Circle activated by special summoning Dark Magician of the field.

Target: Eldlich the Golden Lord on the opponents side of the field.

Chain: Activation of the Conquistador of the Golden Land by the opponent and summoning it on the field while controlling face-up Eldlich and targeting face up Dark Magical Circle.

Resolve: Dark Magical Circle Destroyed, Eldlich remains on the field.

Note: There were no other active negates or protections on the field, Eldlich was not summoned by it’s own effect and didn’t have it’s protection from destruction (even if he had, it should not protect him from direct banishment by Dark Magical Circle)

  1. Expected behavior

If I am not mistaken, Dark Magical Circle should have been destroyed but it also should have banished Eldlich the Golden Lord.

  1. What OS are you using

Windows 10, game last updated this morning.

That’s how rulings work. If you activate a continuous spell and it is destroyed in the same chain, then it does not resolve. For the same reason if you activate Magical Meltdown to search Aleister the Invoker, and your opponent chains MST to destroy Magical Meltdown, you cannot search Aleister.

My bad then.

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