"Despia, the Stigmatika Theatre" [Spell / Field] (Can't activate its eff for fusion summoning)

  1. Bug description
    [Despia, the Stigmatika Theatre can't be activated for fusion summon lv 8 Despian fusion monster like ("Despian Quaretis" or "Despian Proscenium") because yah.. i just bring it ]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [I already have 1("Despia, the Stigmatika Theatre"), 1("Albert, Jester of Despia"), 1("Dramaturgia of Despia"), 1("Trias Hierarchia"); First normal summon Albert activated Albert eff to add 1 "Stigmatika" spell/trap i can add 1("Stigmatika Curtain Rise" [Spell / Quick]); then i activated "Despia, the Stigmatika Theatre" but that card didn't gave me activate button to activate its eff for fusion lv8 or higher fusion monster.]


    your replay code

  3. Expected behavior
    ["Despia, the Stigmatika Theatre" can give me activate button to activated its eff for fusion summoning lv8 or higher fusion monster. If looking for my condition it should be allow me to fusion summon ("Despian Quaretis" or "Despian Proscenium")]

Check it now. It should work.

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