Deck Manager bug w Beta cards

  1. Bug description
    [Had a Sunavalon deck created 10 days ago, waiting for cards to be scripted to try and play. Now i load the deck and it is clearly broken (don't know if it's due to official id changes). And loading the deck breaks the Deck Manager. No preview pics get shown, can't remove cards, can't add cards, Deck Manager says I have 99 cards of each type, in Extra Deck too. This lingers even if I load another otherwise legit deck, forcing me to completely turn off Omega and start it up again, and keeping distance from ever loading the bugged deck.]

  2. Screenshot OR error code

Deck code:

  1. Expected behavior
    [I had already reported a similar occurrance and was told it obviously shouldn't happen and it would've been looked into. At this point I don't even know if it's worth reporting again considering they're beta cards and that maybe it's an unavoidable issue/dynamic. Expected behaviour would be: Deck not breaking, Deck Manager not breaking.]

Yea it’s broken because the ids for ST1 had to change. When this set was released, the set numbers were not revealed, so we picked random ids. These ids didn’t match up with some of the scripts, so all the ids had to be changed so that the scripts and ids are the same. This rarely happens but for the 18 cards in ST1, it had to be done. You can rebuild your deck. I did say it in the beta tester chat.

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