Deck list and all cards blank

  1. Bug description
    When I click onto my deck and view the deck list, I get blank cards

  2. Bug reproduction steps

I opened up the game for the first time today, then I went online and went to my deck list and the deck list was bugged. This did the same thing when I relaunched the game, and went to the deck editor before going online.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    I should have been able to see and edit my decklist properly.

I just tested online with a bot and my game seems to be bugged entirely, as this visual bug doesn’t just happen in the deck editor. All the cards on the field, on my side of the field, and the enemy’s side of the field are blank for me. My cards are still usable, but it’s impossible to tell what cards I have.

Yes we know. It’s about to get fixed in a few mins.