Deck isn't the one I am currently using when siding

  1. Bug description
    So I was playing Metaphys for a few games in ranked and then I wanted to switch decks and play Thunder Dragons for my next match. Once it got to the end of game 1 with Thunder Dragons and it was time to side, it showed my entire Metaphys deck instead of my Thunder Dragon one. I was just confused, so I clicked the Finish button, but it made me and my opponent wait the entire time limit until they could pick 1st or 2nd. The next match, I picked a Gimmick Puppet deck and had the same issue where I had to look at my entire Metaphys decklist during siding.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    I guess the replication steps to create this bug would be to pick a deck, finish the set, and then pick a different deck for your next match? That’s basically all I did for this to happen.


^Bump same exact thing happened to me in a ranked match except I hadn’t changed decks since the previous log on.