Deck Editor saving bug

  1. Bug description
    When you save changes to your deck in the Test Room Deck Editor, it shows your deck pre-saving in the Deck Editor out of the Test Room (but the changes have been made and saved already). This makes things very confusing.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    1. Click Deck Manager
    2. Create either a new Deck or open an existing Deck (for this example, we will create a new deck)
    3. Add 3 copies of every Drytron Main Deck Monster (doesn’t matter if you add the Rituals), name it any name you want and then click ‘Save New’
    4. Click on Test Hands to open the Test Room prompt and press ‘Start’
    5. Surrender and then ‘Room Screen’
      (Upon Entering the Room Screen, another Deck is also selected, which should be also considered a “bug”, since there is another deck selected than the one you were playing with, in this case our Drytron Deck)
    6. Select our new Drytron Deck and open it to once again enter the Deck Editor.
    7. Remove all Drytron cards and add a single Blue-Eyes White Dragon (doesn’t matter which one)
    8. Save (not ‘Save New’, just ‘Save’)
    9. Close the Deck Editor
    10. Close the Deck Manager. Now we’re back in the Room Screen
    11. Close the Room Screen. Now we’re back in the Deck Editor. We should see our initial Drytron Deck again. This is the bug, but it doesn’t end here.
    12. Close the Deck Editor. A prompt will come up asking us to exit without saving. Press Yes. We’re back in the Deck Manager
    13. Open the exact Deck again. It will show us our single Blue-Eyes White Dragon again.
  3. Expected behavior
    In Step 11 we should see the Deck we saved last and not the Deck we initally went into the Test Room/Room Screen with, even though the Deck is saved. It’s really confusing, because most of the times you don’t change up your whole deck, you just do minor changes.

  4. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

Why the heck are you going to room screen? It’s test hands from deck editor so you never need to go to room screen ever. You either rematch or leave to go back to the deck. The fact that you are using room screen at all tells us that we need to disable the button because we didn’t think that a user would even do that.