Deck builder problem

Description :

the cards on the right which I can add to my deck, If I want to select a card to read it from card view on the left, I hover over the card, then if there is a card’s row on my left when I move my mouse to the card view on the left to expand the card with left click hold, during moving my mouse to the left side if there is any card in the way it will take the hover effect and cancel my previous card hover, and show on the left side the new hovered on card instead so I have to select the card put it in the deck to be able to expand it and read

So here’s what you can do:

  1. Hold CTRL while moving the mouse. While CTRL is held, it will not update the display pic even if you hover over a new card.
  2. Just middle click on any card in the deck editor and read it. (Recommended).

This is already solved. Just people didn’t know how to do it. In every deck editor in every game, people struggle with this and then they try to move their mouse across the screen avoiding other cards to hover. In ygopro, there is no way to do this. In master duel, they made the click to update. In Omega, we have hover to update but you can hold CTRL or middle click.

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