Death Angel Triad

Death Angel Triad
art 4.0 2 psct 3.0 1 creativity 3.5 2 balance 2.5 2

So, this is basically a floodgate monster, which can be used inside of high level DARK Fairy strategies, like “Darklord” for example, which is nearly full composed of high level Fairy DARK monsters. And using their special summon effects which coincidently also gets tons of cards on graveyard you would summon death angel triad and also could alredy use his effect to summon the tokens as well as the fairy from gy, locking both players into 1 of its floodgate effects, which you can choose the best one depending on your strategy or your opponent strategy.
This card have no lore nor anything similar.
Card art provided by card maker AI.
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This is my personal feeling on my own card.

  1. The token art is squished vertically. This is because your original art is not square. All yugioh art except pendulum is square.
  2. The correct text is Special Summoned with the effect of “Death Angel Triad”.
  3. The effect of your Link monster is too long and you even left an extra empty line at the bottom.

3+ Dark Fairy-Type Monsters, including 2 Level 7 or higher Monsters

Gains 600 ATK for each material used for its Link Summon.
You can only use the following Effect of “Death Angel Triad” once per duel.
During the Main phase or Battle Phase (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Dark Fairy-Type monster in your GY; Special summon it to your side of the field, and if you do, Special summon 3 “Death Angel Tokens” (Fairy/Dark/Level10/ATK?/DEF?) to your opponent’s side of the field. (The Tokens’ ATK/DEF become the ATK/DEF of this card when this effect is activated.) These tokens cannot be Targeted, or Destroyed by card effects.
While there is at least 1 “Death Angel Tokens” on the field, apply 1 of the following effects (even if this card leaves the field). This effect cannot be negated.

Neither player can Special Summon Monsters, except for tokens.

Neither Player can activate cards or effects, except ones that perform the Special summon of Tokens.

Negate the effects of Monsters in both players field and GY, except for “Death Angel Triad”.

Fixed some PSCT an shortend it a bit for you.

Overall, way too difficult to summon. The fact that it doesn’t have any protection is bad, and there isn’t much more to it than than it being a trap card on legs.

The first effect is Vanty’s Emptyness, and loses to graveyard effects or even Dark hole. The 3rd is Skill Drain + Silent Graveyard, and gets cleared by any spells or trap.

The second effect is the only one you’d ever apply.
Token summoning is rare so it is virtually Skill Drain + Imperial order + Royal Decree. This thing is gonna be At least 2400, most likely using a link 2 and 2 Level 7s, and 1 other. There are only 3 dark fairy link monsters, Condemned Darklord, Cherubini, and Moonbow, which is the only link 3, but you can’t make without Weathers. So 2 Link 2s. Unless they are playing Kashteria or Pankratops, they aren’t playing through this effect.

That said, using this effect is a losing play. You give your opponent 3 tokens that they can crash into your link that you put so much effort into. Your link has to be in attack and your opponent has 3 of them. At best, they crash 1, and run 1 into your summoned monster from the grave. At worst, you’re taking at least 2400+ as they clear everything else and whatever summons they can bring out.

Overall unique design, but not something that is practical. You’d have to have a condition to summon this easily, and support with a variety of token strategies, which doesn’t work for deck building. I’d think this would be more focused on a Token deck, some like a Dark Scapegoat, and this letting you make it with those dark scapegoats.

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