Dangers never summoning themseleves

Just started using this app tonight. I played a handful of games. The Dangers had a 100% chance of discarding themselves. They never even against the AI would summon themselves. This wasn’t an issue on YgoPro2. Which is what I’ve been playing on.

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All games use the exact same algorithm. It has nothing to do with ygopro2 or otherwise. They all use the same thing and has never changed since the first ygopro in 2012. Every konami game. Every probability and card game are using the exact same RNG algorithm called Mersenne Twister. We arleady tested this and it didn’t discard.

And how many times did it take to work? Bc Im still testing, still 100% discarding.

Give me your deck and the exact starting hand. Tell me exactly what to do step by step. I’ll test it. If I get 100% 5 times in a row, I’ll investigate. For me, it only took one try. Other people on the server tried as well.