Cyber Angel Natasha don't work correctly

  1. Bug description
    “Cyber Angel Natasha” effect don’t trigger after she is sented to the GY

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Use a Drytron deck that have “Cyber Angel Natasha” And “Cyber Angel Benten”.
    or that deck:
    Drytron (teste).ydk (699 Bytes)

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Natasha is in the GY, but i can’t activate her effect

    After usin some cards, and putin she out of the GY, and putin she back in the GY, i can’t activate her effects and especial summon her and stole a monster.

  4. Expected behavior
    Was supposed that i can special summon her, by banishing other Cyber Angel.

  5. What OS are you using

Did you perhaps, e.g., Tribute her directly from your hand? She needs to be Ritual Summoned 1st before you can Special Summon her from the GY or banished pile.

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I didn’t know her first has to be ritual summoned to activate his effects, my bad, and thanks.

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