Custom Synchro Card's

  1. Bug description
    Currently I’m making custom cards and doing tests in manual mode. Whenever activating the effect manually of a Synchro monster that is custom, it would seem that at random, moving them afterwards flips them permanently down, and when attempting to flip back up, the card does not register as anything and has no photo, level, or description.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    This isn’t perfectly accurate, mind you as I’ve noticed this multiple times but haven’t attempted to reproduce it. My notice or best advice to recreate this is to activate the ability of a custom synchro monster within the graveyard, or on the field in manual mode. When moving the card next it would seem whenever it feels, that it applies this effect. As such, the card cannot be read and is a bit annoying.


    XXX nothing here yet.

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    None yet, will make sure to try and get some.

  4. Expected behavior
    The card should be able to activate it’s effect manually, and be moved to other places without being essentially removed from the game due to being unreadable. It would seem all custom synchros I have made so far, do this. I will later on, get footage or just some proof of this. I wanted to write this all down before I forgot to do so.