Custom Static and Animated Main Menu I did :)

Hello! First time doing this. I do Photoshop work, mostly photography, so I decided to give this idea a try.
I started this as I wanted to nostalgia bait myself and my friends back to YGO.
Also, I find these artworks beautiful, even though the boss monsters have always been bad (guess Neo-Daedalus was once “ok”) from the first 2 waves.

This was a PAIN, as getting these pics in high enough quality took me I don’t even know how long, blimey. After I found out that the Main Menu’s and the like where just MP4’s, I HAD to try my hand at animating these. Google and the Youtube Community are brilliant teachers.

THIS is the first animated anything I’ve ever done in life hahahha.

I didn’t intend on posting these, but EnchantedMango is “THE Man”. I use their theme, even though I’ve payed for themes. His work is just…inspiring.
(Note: I’m NOT trying to insult Aire. I love their work as well. Work deserves compensation. Don’t under appreciate artists, please!)


  • 2 Animated 1080p Menu BG’s of scrolling Structure decks. One with a galaxy BG and one with an YGO Egyptian BG (The “Egyptian” one goes super well with the Forbidden Memories stage from Aire) - Egypt - Galaxy

  • 1 Static BG of the galaxy menu with only the First 2 waves of Structure Decks.
  • *Place in YGO Omega\YGO Omega_Data\Files\Backgrounds\Menu*

Hope most people love it!


PS: I want to try doing arenas myself, but have no idea how to even start. I wanted to first do a simple static image one, but could never get to align the spaces correctly with the actual ingame assets. I spend days on that, but gave never accomplished it.

Any pointers would be phenomenal.

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Hi, this looks so great!! But the links aren’t working for me :sob: