Custom cards don't show up in Deck Editor

Hello, everyone. I just followed the tutorial on how to add custom cards (both with and without OmegaDE), but none of the cards I made seem to show up in the Deck Editor screen. Am I missing something?

Here’s a screenshot of my custom database (XenorrK.db):

Supposedly, just placing the XenorrK.db file above in the Databases folder and placing the corresponding cardcode.jpg files in the Arts folder should do the trick. Here are my folders:


And here is the Deck Editor screen when I try to look up “Pumpkin” cards (which should bring up my custom Pumpking retrain):

Trying to filter by “Card Pool > Custom” brings up nothing, regardless of the text I try to search.
Am I missing something?


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This is because the Client isn’t updated to the current Omega version. Sleeser still has to do that, so currently the custom cards won’t show up, until the client is synced with the Omega DE. That is what I am getting at, so we have to wait, until the Client gets fixed. So you aren’t doing anything wrong, it is just the Client is not liking the Omega right now.

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Yeah I did address this to Sleeser in Discord Chat. Now I don’t really know how to fix this issue but Sleeser said it was some sort of client issue or something. So I am assuming this was going to get patched.

You will just need to wait until the next client update. It will come in the next few days.


I have the same issues like the OP. I created a custom card database with the art folder but nothing appeared.
Does this have something to do with not having a template folder?
You have to use 2 template folders or 1?

These 2 pictures show the card i tried to put in the database.