Cross Duel Beta Test Gameplay & Tutorial

  1. Unlimited Normal Summons.
  2. Each monster stays in their own lane and moves forward if they are in attack position.
  3. Each monster takes 2 turns to travel from your field to the opponent’s field. All monsters will move at the same time across all lanes for all 4 players.
  4. A player’s LP is only reduced by direct attacks.
  5. When you deal damage to your opponent, you will recover the same amount of LP.
  6. Spell cards are activated from hand directly in the battle phase. They cannot be used in the main phase or set.
  7. Trap cards are set during the main phase and activated automatically upon conditions being met.
  8. Some monsters have special skills which can be unlocked.
  9. Can only have 1 copy of each card in a deck.