Crashed Omega with REBD Sword Equip Effect

  1. Bug description
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    I was testing a Red-Eyes deck with burn damage as a focus and dueled the AI for this. There was Gene-Warped Werewolf and Evilswarm Heliotrope on the AI’s side and I had lost all my monsters. I used Claw of Hermos to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword, thinking the Equip effect would fail since it was the only monster on my side and would allow me to summon a Red-Eyes from grave with the continuous trap, and instead it forced me to pick one of the AI’s monsters. I chose Gene-Warped Werewolf, game froze, stopped responding, had to Force Close the game.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

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    your replay code

See above.
3. Screenshot OR error code
Wasn’t able to get a screenshot or code due to how it happened.

  1. Expected behavior
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    I don’t know exactly but please refer to Answer 1 to my mindset.
  2. What OS are you using
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    Windows 10.