Crash when opening deck editor

  1. Bug description
    As soon as the deck editor is opened in any way (online/offline/in match for side deck/ create a new deck) Omega crashes. (Closes itself)

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Try to create a new deck. Try to edit a deck. Try to sidedeck in some cards.
    Yesterday’s version did not have the issue. Only happened right after updating to v2.4.239.

  3. Expected behavior
    I should be able to open the deck editor and use it.

  4. What OS are you using
    Windows 10


I’m having the same issue after updating today. Also on windows 10.

Same here. Also Windows 10 so i’m guessing it has to do with that

I also have the same problem in my android phone. Pls fix

Same here when opening deck editor

I am playing on the Mac. Sometimes it doesn’t crush for hours and then when I try to change some settings it starts crushing after 10-15 minutes of that change. Other times when I close the application and try to open it again it starts crashing. Also, this happens when I try to test my deck on the AI sometimes as well as for some reason, I can’t change the setting on the extra rule section when I try to play with the AI.