Crash on victory

  1. Bug description
    Whenever a match would be won, after the winning attack declaration, right before the final damage calculation (or possibly during) the game simple crashes without error.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Win any duel (losing works fine)

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Can’t provide, game closes without any output

  4. Expected behavior
    Duel should display and calculate damage normally, and then show the victory screen/rematch menu

  5. What OS are you using
    Arch Linux 64-bit

The crash is related to your graphics card. Likely you are on an integrated graphics card. Your pc can’t handle the attack animations so you need to go to the Settings and disable GFX.

I am indeed using integrated graphics, I did try with GFX disabled but there is no difference. Game still crashes at exactly the same point.

You are on Linux. The reason it crashes is because you are using the discord client to authorize. You need to use the discord web. This is due to a bug made by Discord themselves that when you leave the lobby, it crashes. That means whether you win/lose or just quit, it will crash. As long as you use discord client.

I haven’t authenticated at all, I’ve only been testing games locally against the AI. As well, losing or quitting works fine.

@Hydrohs send the log and crash dump from ~.config/unity3d/Duelist Unite/ If the dump isn’t there, the log there should have the dump location at the bottom

I have no files in that directory. There is a player.log in ~/.config/unity3d/Duelists Unite/YGO Omega but it makes no mention of any dumps that I can see. Here it is: Player.log -


Please try to execute the game binary with --no-discord argument and then test again to see if it still crashes.

Still no change with that argument.