"Corrupted Data" on Pop OS 21.04

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    I can’t play YGO Omega on Pop OS (Ubuntu 21.04 based distro), because when I run the game and it finishes to download the files, it appears an “data corrupted” error message and asks to reset the settings and then close the game and run the Omega Updater. So I followed the steps and started the Updater from terminal, but after restarting the game the message remains.

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Download the latest updater from https://github.com/duelists-unite/omega-releases/releases/download/Latest/Omega_Launcher-Windows.zip

Unzip and extract to the ygo omega folder, replace current files. Re-run updater.

If you are on linux use https://github.com/duelists-unite/omega-releases/releases/download/Latest/Omega_Launcher-Linux.zip

But make sure you have ran sudo apt install libsqlite3-dev

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